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.... or just ask if it's not covered here!

Is there tutoring for artists?

Unless advertised as a Workshop Tour, no. Our standard trips are designed for people who have some painting experience and who would like the freedom to create their own works - either gathering reference material or spending the time completing works.


Do I have to be a professional artist to join?

Not at all, as long as you enjoy painting, sketching, photographing or even writing and have a healthy curiosity about another culture, these trips are for you.

How much actual painting time is included?

We try to provide time in each location for sketching and gathering material - anything from 1 to 4 hours.

An outline is in the itinerary for each location we visit. We suggest you carry your sketch book or camera

with you at all times for that moment when you want to capture a scene or put down some ideas.


Will you provide art materials?

You know the mediums you prefer to work in so we expect you to bring your own materials. As much of the

painting time is Plein Air we recommend watercolour, acrylics and pastels. A good pochade box is invaluable.

Please keep in mind various airline  regulations and be aware that some items such as solvents 

may be forbidden on flights.

We can arrange to purchase any items in advance for you you think they might be risky to fly with. 

If you don't want to carry bulky items like backing boards, stretched canvases, large papers and even easels,

please let us know and we can arrange to have support materials ready for you. Also if you forget a vital

piece of equipment we will source it for you so you don't go without. Read more about what to bring.

Can I take my artwork home?

Of course! We can help with packing and shipping any items not fitting into your luggage.

Can I join a tour if I don't paint?

Absolutely! It's common to have a number of non-painting spouses, friends or family members join our tours. They are welcome to come with the group to painting locations, but are also encouraged to explore on their own or with others. Depending on the group, we may arrange visits to areas of specific interest for the non painters. Advice, suggestions and assistance are freely given to those wishing to see more of each of the sites we visit.


Is language a problem?

English is widely spoken in Jordan and we will have an Arabic/English speaking guide for most of the tour.

A few words or phrases in Arabic can go a long way while on your visit and we recommend studying the

simplest of phrase books and to experiment with the words you learn.

Are there Special Needs facilities?

Many facilities accommodate special needs, please talk to us for more details.

How are meals arranged?

We want you to experience Jordanian hospitality and tastes. Most meals are included in the tour cost and are taken with the

group in various locations. We will invite practicing artists to join us where possible to share experiences and ideas, 

who knows what might come of such interactions!

We will make a number of recommendations for local restaurants for the few meals that are not included so you can explore


For more information about the wonderful food that Jordan offers click here.

What is the weather like?

Our tours are timed to avoid the short cold winters and the summer heat of Jordan. For our March and November tours there is a slight chance of rain which may affect the outdoor painting opportunities and may mean adjusting the itinerary slightly.

Jordan does get snow in winter for short periods but we prefer not to be outdoors then. July and August can be hot, so we avoid those months as well for plein air painting and our tour schedule.

It is advisable to bring a good sun hat and sun screen for the general touring and for painting outdoors.


What level of fitness is required?

Our tours take in many ancient sites of Jordan and involve walking, climbing and some physical exertion, 

often  over uneven ground and 2000 year old stone roads. Sturdy, comfortable shoes are a must! 

Visiting the majestic site of Petra can mean 10 km of walking and the climb to the famed Monastery

involves 850 steps!

All ages and levels of fitness can enjoy Jordan, even if it means taking it slowly and carefully.

'Village' by Saleh Abu Shindi

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